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  • Karen DeSha

    The Heinously Investigated and Unsolved Murder of Annie McCann

    As the mother of a murdered child in Prince George’s County, MD [Justin DeSha-Overcash January 11,
    2011] I can speak intelligently on this horrifying topic; it is for this tragic reason I have become VERY interested in the high incident of unsolved murders in the state of Maryland involving violent crimes against innocent victims. Since the murder of my son parents of murdered children from your state [and city] have begun contacting me requesting assistance and I feel strongly obligated to become personally involved in supporting them through this unimaginable “parent’s worst nightmare”.

    Since the death of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. McCann, have continued to raise many realistic concerns. They have graciously begged the BCPD for assistance andhave not received any relevant replies pursuant to their need to know who murdered their 16 year old beloved daughter Annie McCann on November 2, 2008 leaving her dead or dying body in the family Volvo in Perkin’s Homes. Mr. and Mrs. McCann’s attitude is surprising to me; they keep telling me that they have faith in the BCPD’s ability to find Annie’s murder [IF] the BCPD will simply investigate. This is a true testament to their Catholic Faith and belief in the system that is to ‘Protect and Serve.

    I on the other hand, having been through the same ordeal, place more belief in the fact that the sun will rise and set as will the moon.

    Pursuant to my extensive research into this young ladies demise [common sense] alone dictates too many bizarre inconsistencies. The eight year anniversary of Annie’s death is three months away and Annie’s family and friends continue to disagree and raise questions as to the lack of thoroughness of the BCPD’s investigation. I spent four days in Perkin’s Homes speaking with residents who were living there when Annie’s body was discovered. They each made two statements that felt like a hard slap across my face each time I heard them:

    1.) “You’re the first person to ever come ask questions about that poor little white girl.”
    2.) “Whoever killed that poor little white girl left her here because they knew exactly what the police would do….NOTHING!”

    Allow those two statements to sink in; I have come to refer to this Cold Case as ‘Annie Gate’.

    BCPD does agree with the family [and the State’s Attorney’s Office and judicial findings] that the McCann family car was
    stolen and that Annie’s dead or dying body was cold heartedly dumped behind a dumpster in Perkins Homes by a [known
    carjacker] Darnell Kinlaw along with several other young men. This is [ALL] that both parties agree upon.

    Did this habitual criminal kill Annie as he killed another woman months later and is now serving time for her coldblooded murder? How could this habitual criminal knowingly toss a dead or dying young woman’s body behind a
    dumpster and drive off in her vehicle like she is nothing but trash? The mere thought of one human being capable
    of perpetrating this act toward another physically sickens me. If the harm to Annie was committed by someone
    else could these young men have possibly helped save Annie’s life?

    I am aware that in September 2010 victim advocates with MCVRC were with the McCann’s while the attending Baltimore Medical Examiner acknowledged that Annie had suffered blunt force trauma, and lidocaine intoxication; however, if in fact, Annie McCann died as a result of “lidocaine toxicity” by drinking Bactine why then does the toxicology report show
    only lidocaine in Annie’s system and no other ingredients that comprise Bactine. (?) Why is it the police do not have a numbered photograph, in Annie McCann’s file, of the alleged Bactine bottle and [they] claimed to have found said bottle blocks away from where Annie’s lifeless body was discovered?

    Shockingly the M.E. cannot even provide evidence to Annie’s bereaved and loving parents whether Annie was raped and the McCanns requested a Rape Kit be done on Annie. As a parent, like the MCann’s, who placed my trust in the Baltimore ME’s office to perform a through autopsy on my beautiful son, when he was senselessly murdered in MARYLAND, I find this fact incredulously unbelievable. Again [common sense] inconsistencies prevail; why can this ME not supply a Rape Kit; for God’s sake Annie was only sixteen years old? This action alone tells me [not one person] cared to put any time into questioning or investigating Annie McCann’s death; other than her family and friends.

    I have implored people via email and letters in Baltimore City, and Maryland, as [figures of influence] to assist this broken and bereaved family in getting to the bottom of this beautiful child’s murder yet no one wishes to help. Annie McCann, this child, [sixteen is a child] purportedly found [by a known carjacker], car doors unlocked, keys in the ignition, she in the back seat of her parents vehicle, with no shoes and pristine white socks, wet from head to toe, who had only gotten her driver’s license for a few weeks, found in an area of Baltimore that would be very difficult to find for a sixteen year old unfamiliar resident of Baltimore let alone a 16 year old resident of Alexandria, VA. There are far too many questions, inconsistencies, BCPD lies, lost evidence, lost body parts; good lord this reads like a dime store murder mystery novel; however, this is true and the McCanns must live with this nightmare every day!

    If Annie McCann were your [daughter, niece, cousin, sister, granddaughter] could you let go of this unresolved investigation and unsolved murder? Could you just accept the BCPD touting suicide and simply let go of the memory of your loved one in an attempt to move on?

    Annie McCann’s parents and friends seek answers and some modicum of closure so they may attempt to move forward with their shattered lives. I can say with great conviction; there is no closure for parents of murdered children.
    My beautiful son is dead; we know who murdered him, the murderer has been apprehended, sentenced, we know in which prison he is housed and still we have no [closure].

    Recently 20/20 did a piece on this horrid and insidious cover-up of injustice pursuant to the murder of Annie McCann; [their] depiction was a travesty tantamount to ‘reality television’! 20/20 is a JOKE [they] have lost their edge and do not have the talent nor production ability [they] once had. I now understand why I have not watched this program in over a decade.

    If I were in the McCann’s place I do not know how I could even begin to face tomorrow; in my personal opinion, Baltimore City threw Annie McCann “out with the trash”. WE will rest until the truth is known.

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